Artist's statement

Creating for the present; conserving for the future.

Images are central to the faith journey of people of all denominations. In the Christian journey images represent tangible expressions of the spiritual that, while they may stylistically change with the vagaries of time, remain essentially rooted in truth, beauty and hope.

IMAGO, which is Latin for 'image', is more than an atelier that creates fine sacred art. IMAGO is an idea rooted in the belief that art created for sacred space is neither 'new' or 'old', 'modern' or 'traditional'. Art created for the purpose of fostering prayer and contemplation must adhere only to truth or it is not sacred.

Using a contemporary artistic idiom, IMAGO nevertheless roots its mission in the works of the past masters of sacred art, thereby bridging the old and the new in an immediacy of emotion forever captured in pigment and wood. Icons, the ancient and mystical 'Windows into Paradise', are created using fine oils or egg tempera on prepared panels of the finest wood. Patron saints, martyrs, angels, scriptural scenes captured forever by the hand of a master artisan.

Using organic materials and the finest quality paints, IMAGO endeavors to create sacred art in a way that befits the dignity of its purpose. Aside from icons, IMAGO creates and restores devotional paintings, sanctuary crosses, shrines and processional crosses for parishes as well as institutions and religious communities.

Whether conserving a treasured work of art from the past or creating a new devotional work, IMAGO remains dedicated to its vision of bridging the old and new in a way that will lend beauty as well as truth to those who gather and worship.