Reading the Icons at Rosati House
An artist's journey from transparent oil paint to transparent faith
Artists, Patrons, Theologians, Ideas
The Structure of the Devotional Image: Pieta
Press on IMAGO/ Meltem Aktas
"Environment & Art" August, 1999
"The Icon Artist" Chicago Social, December 2001
"Portrait of the Artist as an Evangelist" National Catholic Register, December 2001
"Divine Inspiration" Echo Magazine, December 2001
"Nuestra Senora de la Luz brilla en Pilsen" Catolico, May 2002


St. Alphonsos School Art Clases , Chicago IL, 2003
Monastery of the Holy Cross, Chicago, IL, "Through Windows Sacred" - Iconography workshop, 1995
Rice Children's Center, Evanston, IL, Art Therapy instruction, 1994 - present
Christ in the Desert Monastery, Abiqui, NM, iconography workshop, 1993