"O mystery, more mysterious than the rest: God himself, out of love, became man"

Regardless of the era in which it was created, religious art retains a truth and beauty that transcends boundaries dictated by changing tastes and traditions. IMAGO strives to capture the inherent and imperishable mysteries that transform organic elements into sacred vehicles of prayer and contemplation.

Under the supervision of Meltem Aktas, IMAGO artisans can create original and unique works of art reflecting the aesthetic of the great epochs in sacred art.

Called 'windows into paradise', icons are paintings of Christ, the saints, and Scriptural scenes that silently draw the viewer into the truths and mysteries of the Word made Flesh. "Written" and not painted, icons are created by artisans of faith and prayer who adhere to strict guidelines in terms of color, form and gesture. At IMAGO, icons are written following guidelines in the Greek or Russian style, as well as original iconography using contemporary styles that will reflect the unique nature of your community. All icons are written on panels of basswood covered with hand-applied gesso tempera, oils and 24k gold leaf. At IMAGO, we also offer a wide range of icons written in the style of the Coptic monks of Egypt and Sinai. A unique melding of Eastern iconography with the rhythmic idiom of African art, Coptic icons are expressions of faith that translate the boundaries of time and place. The Fauvist lines and Expressionist colors universalize a form of art that continues to inspire and enlighten those who see the Image as a spiritual bridge to the Word.